Friday, February 27, 2015


I bring life 
I keep life 
Love, joy, hate
Only I can feel it.
Only I can make it

I am also a drum 
I have my own beat and melody 

I am sensitive! 
Once, you touch me I can break easily

I already have some stitches on some part of me.
I warned you! 
Once, you touch me 
I can break easily. 

I might seem like a broken piece of heart but I can be fixed. 
Still, there's an arrow that go through me. 

The time that I feel the touch...
I feel my self beating faster and faster..

I felt this before..
Still, I'm warning you.
Once, you touch me
i can break easily!

I'm trying to touch you!
But it seems
That there's something that keep me away..

Please, I'm warning you 
Once, you touch me
I can break easily.
We need to hold on together to keep the balance
before I crash and break down.


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