Friday, February 27, 2015


As I walked through
Everyone looked
They looked because how bright my smile is
It's even brighter than the sun
I am a bird
I am a happy bird
I sing beautifully, everyday
Even Beyonce bow to me
Da Vinci regret that he drew Monalisa
after seeing me.
My lips is sweeter than honey
My eyes are as beautiful as a diamond
I am worth more than anything else
Even Pluto feel worthless after I exist
As I left everyone realize i was worth watching

I'm Afraid

I'm afraid
I'm afraid of losing you.
Everyday we talk more, and more
Everyday I know you more, and more
Everyday I'm afraid more, and more
I'm afraid of losing you

You were once a stranger
You were once nobody
I have no idea who brought you in to my life
Who are you?
Are you the person who's meant to be in my life
or are you just the person who took my brain
and my heart at once, break it and leave?

Image result for roses with thorns tumblrI'm afraid
I'm afraid you're one of those people
The people who bring me high up
and drop me down..

I'm afraid
I'm afraid you're one of those roses with thorns..
you may seem appealing
but can I trust you?
can I hold on to you without hurting myself?

I'm afraid
I'm afraid if I was the star
I wouldn't be as bright as the sun
that light you up when there's darkness..

I'm afraid
I'm afraid of losing you.


I bring life 
I keep life 
Love, joy, hate
Only I can feel it.
Only I can make it

I am also a drum 
I have my own beat and melody 

I am sensitive! 
Once, you touch me I can break easily

I already have some stitches on some part of me.
I warned you! 
Once, you touch me 
I can break easily. 

I might seem like a broken piece of heart but I can be fixed. 
Still, there's an arrow that go through me. 

The time that I feel the touch...
I feel my self beating faster and faster..

I felt this before..
Still, I'm warning you.
Once, you touch me
i can break easily!

I'm trying to touch you!
But it seems
That there's something that keep me away..

Please, I'm warning you 
Once, you touch me
I can break easily.
We need to hold on together to keep the balance
before I crash and break down.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You and I

Blue is an ocean where all the wonders go.
Blue is the waves that keep our distance apart and crash our hopes.
Blue is the sky that will keep our hopes.
Blue is the cloud that will blow the wind and tell you how much
I Love You...
Blue is my tears that flow over my cheeks because of you.
Blue is the feelings that I have when she's with you.
Blue is me...
I am a broken pieces of mirror that shattered all over.
I might be broken, but if you touch me
The pain! and the blood that will drop from the tip of your finger.
Blue is the shade that will cover who I really am from you.
Still, I will always be the blue star that will always be there no matter how sad is the sky...